Note: This price depends on your WOSM country category (all prices shown in AUD)

For Australian participants the cost will be $900 / $700 for IST / Staff

For international countries please speak to your contingent leader for your payment plan.

Financial assistance:

If you are an Australian Rover you can apply for Moot Buddies – applications can be found here.
The APR Scholarship applications are now closed – we wish all those who applied the best of luck! We will be contacting you soon.

Payment Schedule:

First Payment due: 1st of January – $300
Second Payment due: 1st of March – $300
Third Payment due: 1st of June – $300
Fourth Payment due: 1st of November – Expedition fee

Please note with the Payment Schedule that:

We will not be removing anyone from the registration system should they fail to meet the first payment on the 15th nor will we chase them have for payment.

Should people wish, we have no problem with them paying in whatever means best suits them, whether that is a small Weekly payments, a lump sum of the entire amount, or 3 regular payments etc.. we are happy to work with each Scouting Member to ensure they are able to attend CBR Moot (to do so contact

If someone is interested in attending however can not make the payment of $300 by January 15th we encourage them to still apply so the process of ensuring they are a registered member can start and they can make payments as soon as they are ready.

What is Included: 7 Days of  Offsite / Onsite Activities, including meals.

What is Excluded: Expeditions and Flights.

Promotional Merch: Can be found here.

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Refund Policy:

Withdrawal Date
Before 31st of May 2019


1st of June 2019 to 31st of July 2019

– $640AUD* (Participant)
– $485AUD* (IST)

1st of August 2019 to 30th of September 2019

– $425AUD* (Participant)
– $325AUD* (IST)

1st of October 2019 to 30th of November 2019

– $210AUD* (Participant)
– $160AUD* (IST)

After 1st of December 2019


*Please Note this price may be different if you are an International Participant / IST please speak to your contingent leader for your payment structure.
Also note In all case there is a $50 administration fee will that will be held by the Moot Organising Committee
(If a participant has paid their expedition fee before withdrawal any refund will be at the discretion of the Moot Chairman and Finance Director).
For Refunds please contact our Head of Finance –