BE the BEST DRESSED at Moot!

CBRMoot Merchandise is now available!

Order before the 1st December to avoid missing out – only limited stock will be available at the Moot Site.
Simply jump onto the registration system, order, pay and collect on arrival at moot site.

Please note: Sizing Guides are displayed within the registration system as you are selecting the merch.



Cost: $18.00 AUD

Colours: Purple or Black

The Drop Bear legend tells of a large predatorily marsupial that drops from trees on an unsuspecting passers underneath – looks a lot like a Koala. To protect you tent or bunk from other drop bears, the CBR Moot Drop Bear is a must! This super chilled fella will work hard to protect you all day long!

Want to learn more about Australian Drop Bears?
Click here


CBR Moot Hat

Cost: $12.50 AUD

Colours: Purple, Black or White

This lightweight mesh, breathable and fast drying hat is perfect for sun protection and the Australian Summer!


CBR Moot T-Shirt

Cost: $15.00 AUD

Colours: Purple or Black    |    Sizes: Female – (XS – 2XL)   |    Male – (XS – 3XL)

CBR Moot is bringing Rovers together from all across the world. Which part of the world are you from? This epic t-shirt is the ultimate take home – get your mates to put their mark on the map and start planning your reunion tour!

Refer the World T-shirt Sizing Guide


Dune Beach Towel

Cost: $18.00 AUD

Colours: Purple or Black

Enjoy this luxurious beach towel, perfect for all mooting adventures – including after trips down the awesome CBR Moot Waterslide!


Button Up T-shirt

Cost: $45.00 AUD

Sizes: Female – (6 – 24)    |    Male – (XS – 5XL)

Want to look stylish and cool, just like the CBR Moot Chair and be sun smart? This shirt is for you!

Refer the Button-up Shirt Sizing Guide


CBR Moot Can Cooler

Cost: $5.00 AUD

Colours: Purple or Black or Red

Want to keep your drinks cool this summer and your hand warm? The CBR Moot Can Cooler is for you! Special bonus, folds flat to fit in your pocket!


Yeto Cooling Towel

Cost: $10.00 AUD

Colours: Black or Purple

Stay cool at CBR Moot is a must and the Yeti towel is perfect for this! The Yeti can cool up to 15 degrees below the temp within seconds with the awesome power of rapid evaporation!

All you have to do is wet the towel, wring it out and snap it tight to remove excess water, then put it around your neck for long lasting cooling!


Power Bank

Cost: $25.00 AUD

Colours: Black or Red (RED IS SOLD OUT)

Must share all your moot experience with all your friends at home and don’t want to run out of phone charge in the process? The CBR moot power bank is for you! 4000mAH power bank will give you 5-6 hours of charge! Micro-B USB cable included!