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Welcome to CBRMoot! CBRMoot will be the greatest gathering of Rover Scouts from across Australian and the Asia Pacific Region. Rovers from all corners are gathering in Canberra, Australia’s Capital City, for 10 days to explore what it means to be a Rover Scout today.

Participants will explore together all that Canberra has to offer and challenge themselves with one of our diverse expeditions.

CBRmoot is excited and honored to be hosting the 13th Asia Pacific Region Moot alongside celebrating the 21st Australian Rover Moot.

Canberra is a modern city set within extensive parks and gardens. During summer, we often experience temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius. Canberra is home to all International Embassies and High Commissions making Canberra a diverse and Multicultural environment.

CBR Moot is located at Camp Cottermouth. This property is situated 15 minutes from the center of Canberra, the nation’s capital, and is the locally owned Scouting Campsite

The site has a strong connection to the bush land surrounding them. They have a strong belief in reducing their environmental footprint using various innovative approaches to ensure their impact on the land is positive.

The site allows easy access to national attractions and local facilities while maintaining a link to the native bushland.

So spend time checking out our national attractions, drinking world famous coffee and swinging around roundabouts with some incredible Rovers from across the world!

Days until CBR Moot Opening Ceremony