This information is correct as of the 3rd of September 2019 and is subject to change.

Every Participant and General Staff* will get to select and participate in a five day four night expedition. Explore the expeditions available and then head to your application and make your selections.

You will have to select three preferences, the first being the expedition you most want to go on.

All costs are in Australian Dollars and please choose carefully, as we want to get allocations done as quickly and accurately as possible, eg. You may choose an Expedition based on adventure and be allocated there, but change your mind due to budget and stop someone else being allocated their desired Expedition and allocated their second preference.

Note: All expeditions are subject to change or cancellation.

Fancy Pants CBR Beaches Be Cray
H.E.A.T – High End Adventure Tour South-Eastern 4wd Adventure
Wet Crack Canyoning Adventures Sci-Fi Canberra
Diving 101 South-Coast Divers
Mountain Biking Madness Caving In
CBR-mazing Race Capital Coffee & Cocktails Masterclass
Jindabyne on the Mind Sleepless Sydney 
Send It Like A Sailor  Hiking the Capital 
Great Riverina Experience  MARCO POLO 
Canberra Bliss & Relaxation Tour   Burnout in the Capital 
Roundabout Tour   Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ on a River


Fancy Pants CBR

Cost: $875 AUD

Intensity: Easy As Location: Canberra
Pre-Requisites: None

Canberra is famous for a few things: politicians, public servants, and the many roundabouts. Ask anyone what Canberra is about and they will usually name at least of one of those things. However, anyone who has been in Canberra long enough will also let you in on Canberra’s not so well-kept secret: we have many incredible dining and drinking establishments. During your Fancy Pants Expedition of Canberra, you will get to experience many of Canberra’s fanciest offerings.

Over the course our 5 day expedition, you will be wined and dined in some of Canberra’s finest venues. You will learn to critique art with the best of them, eat delicious multi course meals, enjoy the most unique of specialist bars and show off your absolute fanciest of pants whilst exploring what Canberra has to offer for those with more of a gourmet taste. As well as wining and dining yourself into a food coma, you will have the opportunity to take on a masterclass in a culinary field of the group’s choice.


Beaches Be Cray

Cost: $375 AUD

Intensity: Easy As Location: South-Coast NSW
Pre-Requisites: Pair of Thongs & a Towel

“Where the bloody hell are ya!?” Remember that ad?

With the pristine beaches and stellar summer vibes? Come and let us show you what all the fuss is really about. This coastal tour is all about showing you the definition of chill and how to do it down the NSW southern coastline. Whether it’s having a leisurely swim in the surf or throwing another shrimp on the barbie, however you get your relaxation on, we’ve got you covered. Having said that we are still Scouts so there will be plenty of opportunities to explore and have a bit of fun while we do it.

This beach hopping coastal cruise will be visiting some of the nicest beaches in Australia, one even claiming whitest sand in the world, as well as having our fair share of BBQs, because how could we not have a summer evening BBQ? Some other opportunities in this chose-your-adventure expedition may include learning to how to surf, snorkeling, Scuba diving (additional personal cost), kayaking, coastal sight-seeing, and of course mad summer vibes on the beaches of the southern coast.

H.E.A.T – High End Adventure Tour

Cost: $975 AUD

Intensity: Over-Drive! Location: Canberra & NSW
Pre-Requisites: Medium Level of Fitness, Weight Limit on Sky-Diving – Please Contact Expeditions Director

If falling through the sky at 200km/h while skydiving over the south coast and tablelands, hitting jumps as you race down the Snowy Mountains on 2 wheels and a frame or getting close and personal with a cheetah sounds like a good time, then you are in luck! Get ready to experience some of the best Action and Adventure that the ACT Region has to offer.

Over 5 adrenaline filled days you will travel through the Snowy Mountains, South Coast & Tablelands and Canberra regions, taking part in a wide range of exciting and thrilling activities designed to get your heart racing and push you out of your comfort zone. Experience something you’ve never done before and make lifelong friends this CBR Moot on the Action filled, Adrenaline pumping, Adventure of a lifetime Expedition!



South-Eastern 4WD Adventure

Cost: $450 AUD

Intensity: Medium High Location: Canberra & NSW
Pre-Requisites: A drive for exploring the great outdoors

Come and join us for an epic off-road adventure through the South Coast of NSW and the Alpine region of northern Victoria through some of the most iconic tracks the area has to offer including Ingeegoodbee Track and the Davis Plain trail to name a few. We’ll be winding back through the Alpine region of NSW, the Brindabellas and back to Canberra. Jump along as we take the road less travelled and explore the best of what the NSW Coast, Victorian Alpine, High Country and ACT have to offer. Adventuring by 4×4 during the day through Alpine mountain ranges, plains, rivers and epic off-road terrain, followed by camping out by the water each night to cool off on the hot summer nights. Good company, once in a lifetime experiences and postcard perfect views, we think you’ve figured out by now which expedition you should choose. This trip will be a real adventure, uncovering some of the most remote and beautiful locations South East Australia has to offer that can only be seen by 4WD. This expedition is open for you to bring your own 4WD (subject to meeting Expedition requirements, please get in contact) or if you don’t have a 4WD, no problem! Jump into the passenger seat of one of our beastly 4WD’s and let us show you how it’s done.


Wet Crack Canyoning Adventures

Cost: $525 AUD

Intensity: Medium High Location: Blue Mountains NSW
Pre-Requisites: Knowledge of Abseiling Preferred, But Not Required, Medium Level of Fitness

Want to experience one of Australia’s most untouched National Parks found in the Mountains west of Sydney? Want to experience one of the most exhilarating adventure sports Australia has to offer, in one of the most peaceful locations? Want to learn new skills (or grow current ones) and keep cool in the summer heat? If your answer is yes to any of these, then come along to the Wet Crack Canyoning Adventure.

You may be asking, “What is canyoning?” Canyoning involves hiking, abseiling, jumping, climbing, and swimming through some the most beautiful streams and creek beds you have ever seen. We will support everyone to learn and progress their skills while having a wickedly fun time in some wet cracks and canyons across 5 days in the spectacular Blue Mountains. Participants will also get the chance to visit some of the well-known Blue Mountains natural wonders, including the world-famous Three Sisters.

We will cater for all Rovers, with differing experience and fitness levels. A basic knowledge and experience of abseiling is desired (Stage 3 or higher in the Outdoor Adventure Skills Vertical Stream, or equivalent) with an average level of fitness advised. We will also give more experienced vertical participants a chance to delve into some more technically challenging canyons and support group leaders to assist in the running of canyons. Come along and join us for an experience of a lifetime with great Rovers from across Australia, the Asia-Pacific Region and the world.


Sci-Fi Canberra  

Cost: $450 AUD

Intensity: Easy As Location: Canberra Region
Pre-Requisites: None

Are you a Sci-Fi fan? Interested in learning about the innovation and research hub that Canberra is?

Strap on some safety glasses, don your lab coats and triple click that pen, as we explore the science sites of Canberra. Don’t get caught dreaming this is just boring labs, experiments and theatres, we’ll be taking to the trails and the great outdoors with an overnight campout under the stars, exploring all types of Sciences from Astrology and Space, Geology, Environmental and much more.

We are working to have some special tours of some of Canberra’s Scientific Hubs including the CSIRO, Questacon, Mt Stromlo Observatory and much more.


Diving 101

Cost: $850 AUD

Intensity: Medium Location: South-Coast NSW
Pre-Requisites: Able to swim 200m, Float for 10min, be medically fit (questionnaire available via email request)

Ever thought of breathing underwater? Does the world below the water’s surface interest you? Keen to explore the wonders of the deep?

CBR Moot is offering you the unique opportunity to qualify as an Open Water Scuba diver that will allow you to dive anywhere in the world. In addition to this, you will be learning in some of the best scuba diving locations in Southern Australia. You will also get the opportunity to build amazing friendships with Rovers from all across Australia and overseas, both above and below the waterline.

You will be diving in the beautiful waters of Jervis Bay, playing with the resident dolphins, seals, sea dragons and a myriad of other animals all while learning to perfect the magic of breathing underwater. While not diving you will have the opportunity to explore the pristine beaches and national parks, assist with environmental research and enjoy the relaxed environment with your new Rover mates.


South-Coast Divers

Cost: $950 AUD

Intensity: Medium Location: South-Coast NSW
Pre-Requisites: Hold an Open Water Scuba Qualification

CBR Moot is excited to announce an expedition focused on providing some of the best scuba diving in Southern Australia for Rovers who already  hold a diving qualification.

You will be diving in the beautiful waters of Jervis Bay, with opportunities to play with the local residents (dolphins, seals, sea dragons and a myriad of other animals). The dives will happily accommodate the more novice diver right through to the more experienced, and the warm waters that can be enjoyed at this time of year will make for the most enjoyable diving.

While not diving you will have the opportunity to explore the pristine beaches and national parks, assist with environmental research and our service activity, movies and game nights, and of course simply enjoy the relaxed environment with your new Rover mates.


Mountain Biking Madness

Cost: $700 AUD

Intensity: MediumHigh Location: Canberra & NSW
Pre-Requisites: Medium level of Fitness and Knowledge of Mountain Biking Preferred But Not Required

Want to explore Canberra & NSW the exciting way?

Then join the Mountain Biking Madness Expedition for five days of adventure. This is not a bike hike, but a chance to ride at all the best MTB venues in the region, including the famous Stromlo MTB Park and a full-day with lift-pass on the trails at the Thredbo MTB Park.

Throughout the expedition there will be training provided to help you improve your skills and opportunities to ramp up the level of difficulty as the trip progresses. Each day, participants will choose-their-own adventure, with multiple different options available daily.

Open to newbies and well-experienced mountain bikers, there will be opportunities for all skill levels, so come and join us on the MTB adventure of a lifetime.


Caving In

Cost: $535 AUD

Intensity: Medium Location: Canberra & NSW
Pre-Requisites: Knowledge of Abseiling Preferred, But Not Required, Medium Level of Fitness

Ever wondered what lies below your feet? It’s not all solid rock, and we want to show you what millions of years have created beneath you.

Speleology (caving) is the study of, and exploration of caves. Vertical ropework skills can open up a world of adventures and are fundamental for more advanced caving activities.  You will have the opportunity to learn about both of these in this exciting five day trip.

This expedition will build your skills in all aspects of caving; from setting up anchors for abseiling and caving, descending and ascending ropes, laddering, and performing “on-rope” rescues to get yourself and others out of trouble. To put these into practice you’ll explore a variety of caves that are only accessible by rope and learn some of the tricks to negotiating amazing cave systems. Suiting a wide range of experience levels, this expedition could also lead towards formally recognized competencies to allow you to return home and lead activities with your respective Branch Teams.


CBR-mazing Race

Cost: $200 AUD

Intensity: EasyMedium Location: Canberra
Pre-Requisites: Medium Level of Fitness – Days may include walking up to 10km with a Day Pack

Ever wanted to explore the Nation’s Capital, find out the rich history that this country is built on and take a look inside the one and only Parliament House, but in your favourite adventure-reality show style?

Canberra’s Amazing Race will take you to all the hot locations of Canberra, like the Australian War Memorial, our unique array of galleries, visit the Royal Australian Mint, through our diverse botanical gardens and arboretum, and how could we not see Parliament House (both of them).

This Build-Your-Own adventure ramble of Canberra will be a fun filled tour bringing Rovers from across the world to explore the unique and beautiful areas of Australia’s capital with picnics on the lake, walks by our rivers, and insta-worthy views from atop our mountains.


Capital Coffee & Cocktails Masterclass

Cost: $600 AUD

Intensity: Easy As Location: Canberra
Pre-Requisites: None

Hidden around the nation’s capital lies a number of bespoke and boutique bars, cafes and distilleries, and here is your chance to discover what only the locals know – a masterclass tour filled with our favourite cocktail bars, breweries, and coffee houses in Canberra, and an opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business.

Experience the flavours that entice all the stereotypes of Canberra across our 5-day masterclass. Be it craft beer for the politicians and public servants, the coffee houses that keep the ANU arts students up to finish their artworks, or the specialized cocktail bars for those suits and ties at the end of a long day’s work, there’s a unique realm of specialty drinking cultures hidden in the tiny capital of Canberra and we are set to explore and learn all about them across our 5 days of relaxed tours and classes. Across our time, we will also explore Canberra between classes and tours, followed up with an opportunity to practice what we have learnt. Taste buds tingling yet?


Jindabyne on the Mind

Cost: $575 AUD

Intensity: EasyMedium Location: Jindabyne NSW
Pre-Requisites: None

Would you rather choose your own adventure? Already seen Canberra but want to explore more of what is nearby and in our region?

Join us on an expedition that puts you in control, based in the beautiful town of Jindabyne. Daily tours and adventures on the cards for you to pick and explore, we’ll take you high into the alpine national park, onto the lake, for day walks and on tours only locals get.

The renowned Wild Brumby Schnapps Distillery is one of many relaxed day activities we will have on offer. Prefer a picnic atop Mt. Kosciuszko with gorgeous views in every direction? How about a paddle on the pristine Lake Jindabyne? We have so many options on this build-your-own adventure style Expedition; you won’t know what to do first.


Sleepless Sydney

Cost: $650 AUD

Intensity: EasyMedium Location: Sydney NSW
Pre-Requisites: None

Ever caught yourself dreaming of Sydney being the capital of Australia?? What do you mean? Trying to say it’s not the capital? We know it’s a pretty easy to mistake when there is so much to do and so much to see, and only 5 adventure filled days to get the absolute best of it all.

It may not be Canberra, but join us to explore Sydney and all it has to offer, tackling big ticket attractions and also visiting the “Locals Only” spots hidden amongst this busy city. Visit the likes of The Rocks, Sydney Harbour Bridge (optional Bridge Climb at extra cost), the Opera House, Bondi, Kings Cross, Manly and Darling Harbour. This tour won’t just stop at sunset but continue each night with even more adventures packed in for your enjoyment.

Sydney-siders, you already know what we’ve got, so we want to show off what we have to the rest of Australia and the World, but still welcome to join and be a tourist in your own city. Pack those comfy shoes, we’re going to be on the move enough that your fit-bits won’t know what to do with themselves.


Send It Like A Sailor

Cost: $580 AUD

Intensity: EasyMedium Location: Canberra
Pre-Requisites: Ability to swim 50m

You are about to be introduced to the fascinating world of sailing. Brace yourself. And what better way to beat a rough morning than a relaxing sail! Perfectly situated on Lake Burley Griffin is the one and only YMCA Sailing Club of Canberra. Over the course of the week, you’ll be learning from the Australian Sailing syllabus and you will very likely walk away with a nationally recognised Start Sailing Level 1 and 2 Certificate. The brilliant team of YMCA instructors have all been sailing for over a decade and have a combined 30+ years experience.

Through both theory and practical sessions, you will be taught (amongst other things) how to rig a boat, how to read the wind, how to tack, gybe, capsize, and trim sails as well as perform difficult maneuvers such as crew recovery drills, sailing around a triangular course and capsize without getting wet. Crazy right!?! Already have sailing experience or qualifications? Let’s up-skill those skills! You can learn some advanced boat handling, racing tactics and how to use those funky ribbons on your sail called tell-tales.

Along with confidently being able to make at least one friend, you will have the best five days learning how to sail on our lake, with a bonus cheeky tour of Canberra’s coolest sites from the water. Learn how to speak like a sailor, learn how to sail like a sailor, learn how the SEND IT LIKE A SAILOR!


Hiking the Capital

Cost: $290 AUD

Intensity: EasyMedium Location: Canberra Region
Pre-Requisites: Medium Level of Fitness, Ability to carry 10-20kg pack each day while walking

These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do… Join us on the trails in and around Canberra to explore the beautiful scenery and outdoors that is our backyard. With hundreds of easy walking trails around the capital, you will be spoiled for choice as the expedition as a group decides our hikes in the lead up to CBR Moot.

Working together, we will choose where we’d like to hike and what nature we will get to explore whilst on the tracks. Accommodating to the expeditions fitness and drive for adventure, we may take on some harder trails and find some more remote locations to set up camp.

Tighten those laces and get ready for a fun filled adventure hiking in and around the capital and our wider region.


Great Riverina Experience

Cost: $315 AUD

Intensity: EasyMedium Location: Riverina NSW
Pre-Requisites: None

The Great Riverina Experience is an expedition about exploring country NSW and seeing what it’s like out in the bush. From the peaks of the Snowy Hydro scheme, to the skylines of regional towns, Rovers will experience what the fantastic Riverina region has to offer.

This expedition is designed to be a low cost, but medium level adventure for people who enjoy the chill and relaxed pace of a simple life. We will get out on Blowering Dam for some chill vibes and explore the surrounding pine forests on day walks, explore the hot pools and the caves of Yarrangobilly, float down the mighty Murrumbidgee river, experience the trails of the Aboriginal people of the Wiradjuri nation, and explore the sights, sounds, and experiences of Regional NSW.



Cost: $650 AUD

Intensity: EasyMedium Location: Canberra & NSW
Pre-Requisites: None

Join the M.A.R.C.O P.O.L.O Team on the ultimate experience over five days. We will visit some of Australia’s most iconic city sights & ciders, water parks & wineries, beaches & beers, Olympic rafting & rums, bowling & Brews, Panorama’s & pilsners, Gins and Good times, topped with a constant degustation of the best foods along the way.

Our adventure will begin in Canberra and take us to the central west regional town, and home to the infamous supercar race that stops the nation, Bathurst. A trip to these parts wouldn’t be complete with a pit stop and quick lap of Mt Panorama. From there will venture East across to the truly insta-worthy Blue Mountains. We will delight your senses with a variety of brewery tours and gastronomic delights leaving you satisfied from your mouth to your belly.

Continuing East, we set sights to the busy yet beautiful city of Sydney, where we will spend two days exploring this wonderous state capital, partaking in some of the city’s most iconic attractions, golden beaches, white water rafting and the inflatable aqua park adventure course just to name a few. With full bellies and Insta-worthy feeds, we head south along the Hume Highway back to Canberra, soaking in the last few iconic sights.


Canberra Bliss & Relaxation Tour

Cost: $665 AUD

Intensity: Easy As Location: Canberra
Pre-Requisites: None

Not one for the rush and adventure of big hills, rugged bush and adrenaline? Look for some greener rolling hills, filled with vineyards and beautiful views as we tour the wider Canberra Region to taste the flavours,  enjoy  boutique  shopping,  Insta-worthy locations, and put those feet up to relax your way through our carefree 5 days away.

Enjoy local tastings, classier luncheons and special tours of  our local award-winning  wineries  and breweries, in what we believe will be the most scrumptious and delightful expedition you could go on.

Let us take care of you, with opportunities to be pampered at a day spa, taken on cute picnics atop a hilltop park and brunch upon the beautiful Lake Burley Griffin. With such a number of wineries at our doorstep, we will not be short of keeping you busy but relaxed this summer.


Burnout in the Capital

Cost: $430 AUD

Intensity: EasyMedium Location: Canberra
Pre-Requisites: None

You know what’s great about Canberra in January? The unmistakable smell of rubber and the sweet, sweet sounds of revving engines! Burnout in the Capital will let you experience the Summernats Car Festival, one for those car enthusiasts and rev heads.

Summernats 33 delivers four days of high-octane, extreme auto action, including Australia’s top street machine judging competition, the world’s biggest and best burnout battles, two nights of massive concerts, horsepower heroics, and more. It’s all set against a backdrop of burnt rubber, rock and roll, and one of Australia’s biggest motor retail trade shows, as we search for the Street Machine Summernats Grand Champion.

So much more than just a motor show, the Street Machine Summernats is a celebration of the street machine lifestyle and the people who live and breathe it.


Roundabout Tour

Cost: $300 AUD

Intensity: Easy As Location: Canberra
Pre-Requisites: None

Do you feel like your life is one big circle? Do you like to sleep in after that party last night? Keen to see Canberra but on a tight budget? The roundabout tour is for you!

Come and explore the Nation’s capital at a leisurely pace. Spend 5 days looking at Canberra and Australia’s history including a visit to the National War Memorial, National Museum, National Art and Portrait Galleries, and of course Parliament House.

Between these historic sites you will get to sample some of Canberra’s award-winning produce, see the iconic sights  and finish the evenings off by hitting up Canberra’s night life scene including, but not limited to, deep fried Mars-bars and getting loose at the Moose.  Chill out all day and dancing all night – what more could you ask for!


Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ on a River

Cost: $680 AUD

Intensity: Easy As Location: Batemans Bay NSW
Pre-Requisites: None

Ahoy Mateys!! Does sipping champagne while relaxing in a spa, cruising beautiful Bateman’s Bay sound like a good time? Then step aboard and take sail on our very own majestic, luxury houseboat.

This expedition is the ultimate relaxation getaway, featuring a luxury houseboat with 5 bedrooms, kitchen, runabout tinnie & rooftop spa!! Experience the beauty of Bateman’s Bay & the Clyde river, as we hop between private beaches & pursue various leisure activities.

This expedition features a combination of both free time exploring the river and beaches, as well as planned activities in town, such as jet skiing, Golf & Pub lunches! Options for free time include swimming, fishing, taking the tinnie for a spin, relaxing in the spa or just chilling out!! Bust out your sailor outfits as we will finish off the expedition with a themed houseboat party!!  Limited spots, so first in, best dressed!!